Flower Power

On my way to hagwon, I visited my favorite flower shop in Apgujeong, 꽃아줌마! After a short hiatus during the winter, the cute little grandma selling flowers is back to work again! I always buy myself or my family flowers from here because of the incredible variety and reasonable prices. I got 10 tulips today for 10,000 won, and I am usually able to get a bouquet of ten orange, pink,white, or red roses for the same price as well! It makes me extremely happy when I pass by this section of the road and I always tend to pick up a few because flowers always make my day. :) Perhaps for future references... I would just like to get it out there that my favorite flowers are white tulips :) I hope you guys have a wonderful day! Also, here's a little happy birthday shout out to Mischa and Sophia! xx

Looks like Ruby liked my selection of tulips!

I printed off Jasmine Dowling's amazing 2014 calendar! It's so simple, yet beautiful! I'm going to get a clipboard to put the calendar together to use as room decor.
Here's the link to where you can download your own copy if you want!

Doing some late night inspirational magazine reading with a my herb water!
Lone Wolf Magazine
A-Land Rings
Trou de Lapin Nail Polish
Antipodes Water

Other interesting things that happened to me today:
*I went to hagwons the whole day
*I got into a car accident where a motorcycle hit our car as we were heading to our house. Nobody was hurt, but as soon as it happened my dad and I immediately tensed and started shaking really badly afterwards... It was such a scary thing to experience because I felt the jerk so suddenl because the hit completely took me by surprise.. and the sound of the glass cracking behind me is still repeating in my ears.. Thank goodness we weren't hurt because that would have been an extremely unlucky way to die. It also reminded me to never take a person's existence for granted because you could lose them at any second- even on a car ride back from Hagwon... Anyway, my dad and I are fine so don't worry about it! Goodnight! x

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