Beaker Store x Philippe Model

On the same night as the Low Classic show, the Beaker Pop / Beaker x Philippe Model event took place at the Beaker Chungdam store across from Galleria. This event was the perfect transition from the amazing fashion show before it! As a matter of fact, a bunch of the models from the Low Classic show also headed over to join the party! There was great entertainment, cool displays and a handful of high class guests that attended the event. It was quite a surreal feeling to be surrounded by such well known people I actually look up to. I really love events held by Beaker because it allows an ordinary person like me to interact and casually socialize with fashion insiders that I wouldn't be able to meet otherwise. I couldn't stay that long as it was getting quite late so I took a few pictures and headed straight home! 

Lee Hojung, Jung Hoyeon and Irene! 

Beaker's Kottbatt! I was a little too late to see Lee Sungkyung passing out the flowers, but the scene was still beautiful nonetheless. 

Irene's DIY beanie display! If you aren't already familiar with her, that's a shame because not only is she my favorite model, she's also one of my top role models. I first met Irene last summer and ever since then, she has been the kindest to me and I look up to her so much. She's extremely talented, fashionable, and obviously, stunning! Over all that, she has the brightest personality that could make anybody's day. Let's not forget her tasteful and unique sense of style as well! I definitely recommend checking out her blog and the April issue of Vogue Girl to take a look at her photos from Paris and New York fashion week! She styles all her outfits on her own and I simply don't know how she does it! 

@ireneisgood is her Instagram so follow her if you aren't doing so already!

This photo taken by my friend Joseph Choi! He just created a blog so check it out here.

Beanie: Irene's DIY beanies!
Shirt: Low Classic
Jeans: Low Classic
 Low Classic Invitation

March 28th was such a wonderful day for me. I think it would be justifiable to say that it was the best day of 2014 so far. There have been very few moments where I felt the same joy I felt on that day. :) 
So many different people contributed to my happiness and I just wanted to say a big special thank you to all of you!  I hope there are many happy days to come for me, and for you too! 
Thanks for reading, have a nice day! (or night, depending on where you're from)

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