Here is just a randoml list I decided to create just for fun!

Favorite song at the moment:

Amy Winehouse - Tears Dry On Their Own
My love for Amy Winehouse is unexplainable. I think the ideal gift to receive from anybody would be the Amy Winehouse "Back to Black" CD because I still haven't gotten my hands on it yet... which upsets me but I guess I will have to continue to listen to the Youtube playlist.. 
If you want a good soundtrack to listen to, definitely make sure you check out this one! (It's all I turn on these days) I'm so glad that I got back into my Amy groove because her music makes me feel good inside (although the content is actually quite depressing.) I tend to really like soulful, deep voices so she fits right in to my preference. It's such a shame that such a wonderful talent was lost - RIP Amy

Songs to look out for -
Back to Black
trou You Know I'm No Good
Tears Dry On Their Own
Love Is A Losing Game

Things that I like/would like (reasonable things):
-unknown magazines from random countries
-small succulents (i really want to own a terrarium, i'm actually thinking of making one for my backyard)
-"Back to Black" - Amy Winehouse CD
-rings- especially midi rings! i've really been getting into silver rings these days
-cute post its
-cute hand written notes from friends
-a nice dinner with my sister
-black socks ( i have no plain black or white pair of socks...)
-a couple more trou de lapin nail polish colors
-the gobo ss14 pearl bracelet
-black wax coated jeans from vve
-to visit Paris (this might happen in August!)
-low classic check socks

Places that I like that I have visited recently:
Cafe Able
Cafe Spring
Paper Garden
Tasting Room

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