Outfit details:
Coat: H&M
Sweater: 고속터미널
Jeans: DAMI
Boots: Under & Over
Bag: Low Classic

Left to right:
Bought from model 고소현
Monday Edition
Angela's ring that I forgot to give back (sorry curry)
가로수길  Street Stand
The Gobo

(all silver rings)

I felt like my ring game was on today.

I woke up at noon today discouraged by the news that I couldn't have dinner with one of my favorite budbuds but Sarah Lah whooshed in to the rescue and took me to 명동 to eat 유가네 닭갈비!!!!!!
Before that happened, I pretty much rolled around in bed for about four good hours... so I guess you could say that today was a pretty unproductive day.... I really regret not spending my time wisely because its 4AM now (my personal record of the latest that I've ever slept) and I still only got 4 poems written for the assignment due on Monday. I really need to get my **** together and start being more productive because my grades are slowly decreasing. I've also been sleeping really late these days... 3AM is a word to describe my feelings now... LOL Thanks to all my friends who have helped/are helping me through this tough patch in life.(Chloe L, Sarah L, Karen, Mischa, Kasey, Ana- Love you guys so much!) I'm so blessed to have such wonderful friends!!! I probably should get some sleep now, goodnight! 

Almost all photo credits to my  lovely Sarah Lah 

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