Bike Rides

Tulips + homemade Ratatouille made by David Han is always a good way to start the morning.

The mornings at my house are absolutely splendid because we have huge windows on one side of the house instead of a wall, so a lot of sunlight comes through. The light instantly makes me recover from the grogginess of getting out of bed and puts me into a better mood.

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I ended up doing quite a lot of things today!
I went to Math Hagwon in the morning, then went to school to film my spanish project, and after all that, I went on a long bike ride to enjoy the great weather. I haven't gone riding in a while so it felt really nice.

Bike riding has always been one of my favorite hobbies throughout the summer months because it helped me calm down and relieve stress. After it started getting cold, I stopped for a while but I think I'll start getting back into it because it feels wonderful! My usual destination is Yeoido Park, as it is a mere 5 (ish) kilometers away from my house. I always sit in the same spot because I feel comfortable there so if you're lonely on a Sunday afternoon, come join me if you recognize the place! I usually go on these bike rides alone so I took all the pictures with a self-timer app as well as the regular iPhone 5S camera! 

I saw a bunch of birds- they were pretty loud so I left right after I took this picture.

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