Spring has come in full force! The weather was really warm today so I decided to dress a little lighter to enjoy the spring breeze. It's a shame I was caught up with hagwon all day while the weather was so nice! I really wish I could have spent the day doing something at the park, instead of being lodged up in a building..but hey! I hear tomorrow is going to be a beautiful day so if you didn't get to experience the weather, look forward to tomorrow! Anyway, on to the outfit!- 
 I pulled out my white reptile print jeans to add more light to the outfit to match the weather outside! I decided to bring out the small hints of gray in the jeans by pairing a long, gray cardigan and a matching t-shirt to the ensemble. The cardigan is extremely oversized so in order to prevent my body from getting drowned in the fabric, I wore a pair of nude wedges to give myself a couple extra centimeters. I also  feel like the warm tone of the shoes correspond well to the spring/summer weather and also go very well with my jeans! I've been really digging shoes with feminine silhouettes lately. These days I've been loving designs that play with colors leaning on the pastel side because I feel like it adds a more youthful, feminine touch to any outfit. I'm also looking into a lot of sandals and heels with ankle straps because in my opinion, I think the straps tie the whole look together in a clean, put together way while also supporting your feet! 

Shirt: DAMI
Cardigan: 가로수길 KIMS PLAY
Jeans: Bebe 
Wedges: Aldo
Bag: Givenchy Pandora Mini

I changed my shoes to more comfortable ankle boots when I went to hagwon because I had to use public transportation!
These cream booties were bought by my friend Anastasia at a flea market we went to last year!
They're originally from H&M if you were wondering!

Jina vs Statue

I got sent a new candle from @wit_weit !!! Wit Weit is a new and upcoming brand that is currently selling Coca Cola bottle and Nike sneaker candles! They're really quirky and something you don't usually see around, so I think you should all go check out their stuff!  

1. Really really really cute (I mean look at it!)
2. Well made - There has clearly been a lot of attention paid to detail! If you look at the photo closely, you can see all the individual stitches on the shoe, the Nike logo, and the wick of the candle is very good quality!
3. The smell! - Even without burning it, the room smells really nice! It diffuses a strong scent of soy/baby powder so your room ends up smelling like a nursery. It's awesome if you like that kind of smell.
4. Great room decor! - Even if you're not the candle type of gal (or guy), this candle can serve another purpose by spicing up any ordinary shelf.
5. It's on sale right now!! Wit Weit didn't officially launch their brand yet so they're having a sale on all candles for a short period of time! Check out their Instagram and find the phone number to make orders! 

Anyway, that's all we have time for today because I have to start studying for three exams that will be taking place this upcoming week... Wish me luck!!!!! :)

ALSO! THANK YOU ALL FOR 2K FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM! I'm so thankful for all of you guys! Your comments make my day! :) If you aren't already following me, my instagram is 


  1. I love the print of your pants!! This whole outfit is perf. That candle is super cute too. And congrats on 2k on Instagram! :) x



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