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It's officially spring break!! I took a two hour nap right after I came back from school and I headed out to meet my "wifey" Chloe Lee for dinner! We usually catch up with each other at Garosu from 7PM - 9:30 PM on certain Fridays. (It's almost like a monthly ritual!) Tonight, I had my last dinner in Seoul before I head off to San Francisco tomorrow afternoon at one of my favorite restaurants,
Paper Garden! 
We ordered: Vongole Pasta, Bacon Caesar Salad, Kiwi Juice and Tomato Juice

The beautiful $400 Acne Studios sweater shining in holy light... 

Acne Studios Leather Jacket...

A new Anthology store opened up nearby so we took a look inside and found some pretty cool things! This is a picture of the "NICOLE ONG JAR"
Check out her Instagram: @nicolexong for pictures!

Cool skirt I tried on from the 2nd floor of Anthology

Jacket: Son Jung Wan *Mom
Jeans: Zara
Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti 
Bag: Chanel *Mom

My mom stepped out of the house so I decided to wear some of her things! (I hope she doesn't mind)

I've been wanting this sweater ever since the runway last year.. but I still can't get myself to buy it...

After looking around, we stopped by our favorite café - Cafe Citta and sat down outside for Sweet Potato lattes! We eventually had to go inside because two ladies started smoking right beside us... Yuck! Don't you know that you're "damaging your cilia?!?!?!" (Inside joke about the biology test)

Anyway, thanks for reading today's post!! I'll be taking my camera and laptop to San Francisco so check my blog/Instagram for updates!!

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  1. Your hangout with your friend sounds really fun!:). The vongole pasta looks delicious lol. Antology store has a lot of unique stuffs! How I wish my country have those amazing stores :((. Btw, nice post Jina! And Happy Spring Holiday ^^

    1. Thank you so much!! Have a nice day too! :)

  2. Hey Jina,
    블로그 진짜 잘 읽고 있어요, keep up the good work kay?
    Btw, where exactly in garosu is the Anthology store?

    1. Sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much! :* <3

      It's right across from Grill 5 Taco!


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