San Francisco Days 2, 3, 4

Sorry for the delay of updates on my blog! After the post on Day 1, my computer ran out of batteries and after minutes of rummaging through my suitcase, I realized that I had left the charger at home.. so here I am in Seoul, writing you a recap of my trip!

Two of my favorite purchases:
The perfect sheer coral combination! I finally found a duo that I can wear on a daily basis without looking like I tried too hard. 
Urban Decay NAKED Lip Gloss in Streak
YSL Volupté Sheer Candy Lipstick in 02 Dewy Papaya

Chanel Bag
Monday Edition "Great" Bracelet
DAMI Fur Coat
고속터미널 Sweater
A-Land Skirt
Under & Over Boots

In & Out Burger at the Fisherman's Wharf

My stylish aunt! She looks so cute in her quirky sunglasses!

My little sister gaming away as usual. She'd love it if you followed her on Instagram at

My mom and Abigail!

We went to visit my 3 week old twin cousins, Abbie and Ellie! (Abigail & Eleanor)
How cute are they? I can't wait till they get older so I can take them out to cool places!

My mom and Eleanor!

Fisherman's Wharf

Mason St.

The beginning of Lombard Street

Surprise! All this sightseeing was done on Segways! It was such an exciting experience being able to explore the city in such a cool way! We drove ALL around San Francisco (approximately 10 miles) by Segway! I got to see things that I have never seen on prior visits here, and it felt amazingly refreshing to stroll around San Francisco in the morning. 

My sister Segwaying down Lombard Street- one of the most twisty roads in the world!

Our cute little Segway team!

We stopped for lunch at Caffè Roma for a hot chocolate and ate a slice of pizza from one of the best pizza places in the world, Tony's Pizza! This pizzaria apparently won the best pizza award in Italy three times in a row! (Correct me if I'm wrong)

This is the view from the dinner I had at The Spinnaker on San Francisco Bay in Sausalito! 
I have to say, San Franciscan sunsets are quite a spectacular sight. I would describe them as a perfect mix of beautiful pink hues and pastel blues. I really wish it was possible to have taken a piece of the sky back home with me.

고속터미널 White Shirt
Bebe Sweater
Forever 21 Jeans
Under & Over Boots

The beautiful view of the Bay Bridge! An artist decorated the bridge with over 25,000 small LED lights to create a masterpiece that would serve as one of the city's best tourist attraction at night. It's supposed to be up for 2 years, but I heard people are funding the artist to keep it up longer - which makes me happy because there really isn't any reason to get rid of such a beautiful thing.

Anyway, that's it from my trip to San Francisco! It was a good four days jam packed with adventure for sure! I'm thankful for the fact that I got to go on such a fun-filled vacation and it was nice to see the new additions to the Han family! Congratulations again to Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Tim on the babies!

I hope all of you guys (In Seoul) have a great remainder of your spring break! There are going to be some interesting things taking place in the next few days, so be on the lookout for new posts!

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