I wore my bright yellow knit cardigan to school todaayyy because ITS SPRING!!!!!!! It's still pretty cold outside but I don't mind :) It also snowed today which was quite weird, but besides that, the weather was wonderful! 

Shirt: DAMI
Pants: Low Classic
Cardigan: "A" 고속터미널
Ankle Boots: Anastasia bought them for me at flea market! The originals are from H&M!
Clutch: 명동 

An outfit change to go to hagwon! I just changed my jacket and added a scarf :)
Scarf: Renoma
Jacket: H&M
Bag: Issey Miyake

I was going to buy these.. but I decided to wait and think about it... They're really pretty when you put them on but I'm not sure if I'll wear them a lot to school since they look really fancy.. BUT they're a good deal so I might go back and get them :) Tell me what you think in the comments or by Facebook chat because I need opinions! :)


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