Yuul Yie SS14 Presentation

Here are some of my favorite shoes from the Yuul Yie SS14 presentation! 
From all the SS14 shoe presentations that I've been going to, I think I'm seeing a repeating trend of the mesh mixed with leather. I really like the trend and I want to own a pair of these shoes but they're so expensive.... 

Wall Inspiration

Yayoi Kusama things being sold at Fifty Fifty! (I got one of my coooolest friends a present from here!) 

Reike Nen SS14 heels that I've been dying for.... but they're around $300 .. so maybe if I rack up enough money before summer/they go on sale I'll get them....? Just kidding I've never spent an amount of money close to that before and I don't plan on it so if you are a generous soul maybe you should buy me these!!!!~~!!! My shoe size is 235!!! Just kidding, I should probably stop now.

Got a free Yuul Yie SS14 lookbook + Cracker Your Wardrobe Feb. Edition for going to the presentation! 

I'm going to upload this on Instagram tomorrow so you guys get to see it first! Anyway, since my ring from The Gobo broke.... I got a new one that's a pinky ring! I also got two nail polishes from Trou De Lapin in the colors Here & Now and Infelt. (left to right)

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