Monday Edition x Vogue Girl

After scrolling through multiple Instagram posts throughout this week about the Monday Edition x Vogue Girl March collaboration, I rushed to the book store right after school to get my copy! There are a limited supply of the Monday Edition bangles in stock for each bookstore, so I had to make sure I got mine before they ran out! The bracelets are randomly distributed along with the magazine so you could get either gold or silver. Gold jewelry usually goes better with my tan skin so I crossed my fingers and ended up getting what I wanted! The quality of the bracelet is pretty awesome even though it was given with the magazine so I recommend everybody to get one! It's made of a malleable gold coated material that you can bend to fit your wrist so you can wear it comfortably however you want.

Besides the bracelet, ALEXA CHUNG IS THE MARCH COVER GIRL! Alexa Chung is my #1 fashion/lifestyle idol and everybody who knows me probably knows that this is 100% true. There is a four page Alexa Chung beauty spread that I am literally dying over. She's perfection and that is that. 

I took some photos of the spread + my Monday Edition jewelry so please enjoy!
You can find all the jewelry pieces on here!

"Great" Bracelet- 120,000 won 
Bought at Boy +

"M.E" Bangle 
Comes with Vogue Girl Korea March 2014 Issue

Monday Edition's SS14 Presentation is this Saturday from 2pm -6pm!! I'm going at around 3:30pm so see you there! 

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