Dinner Out On A School Night

Fur Scarf: Renoma
Oversized Cardigan: 가로수길
Shirt: 고속터미널 
Pants: DAMI
Bag: Givenchy

Metallic Sandals: Zara
Leopard Socks: 고속터미널 

I had a quick dinner out with a friend to satisfy my cravings for a good burger.
Also, here are some pictures of what I wore to school today! (I modified a few parts of the outfit: shoes + scarf) I wanted to go for a casual look so I wore a huge oversized sweater over a simple combination of jeans and a long-sleeved t-shirt and wrapped a big fluffy scarf around my neck to keep me warm. I couldn't be bothered to tie laces or zip up boots so I just went for the slip on sandals even though it was pretty cold. My pinky toes were kind of freezing but hey, I guess it was worth the cold because I think I like the whole sandal + sock trend.

All photo credits to Sarah Han! Taken with an iPhone 5S

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