The Iconic Twiggy

I was talking to my friend about twigs yesterday ... which reminded me of one of my all time fashion icons-  (Lesley Lawson) who was nicknamed Twiggy due to her stick-thin figure. 
She had the prettiest doe-like eyes and an absolutely flawless facial structure.
Even now people still wear the  iconic "Twiggy lashes", and cut their hair into a pixie cut, just like hers. She made a huge impact on teen girls during her modeling career, and was criticized by promoting skinniness but who's to blame?It's just her genes! I get so inspired when I see photos of her and other older models from her time, and I wish I lived back in those days where her kind of figure was considered beautiful. Now it's all about the curves, breasts, butts, etc.. there really isn't much appreciation for naturally thin and gawky people like me..
Anyway, I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore... this was written whilst half asleep during a study hall so please excuse the terrible writing!

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