Pantone 2058

Shirt/Skirt Set: 고속터미널
Shoes: 고속터미널
Bag: Low Classic

My sister wants to tell you that her hair is WET and that it isn't grease/oil ..... LOL 

Shirt: H&M
Shorts: Aéropostale
Shoes: Itaewon
Bag: Itaewon

Sunglasses: A-Land

BLOODY expensive but gorgeous piggy banks.. I had one of those" put-back-after-seeing-the-price-tag" moments.. 

After I came home from math lessons this morning I met my sister for lunch at Quiznos near our house, went to Two-some place for dessert and on our way home, we stopped by a little furniture/room decor store called "rooming" near our house to take a quick look at things. There, my sister and I bought a Pantone 2058 Violet mug! It was on sale for 40% off, at 15,000 won. Not a bad deal for a good quality mug! Besides, I'm obsessed with anything that has the "Pantone" label on it.. I even have a nail polish from the Pantone x Sephora line. I also saw Pantone tattoos at Garo-su-gil but I resisted the urge...  (Good job Jina)

About my outfit:
I just felt the need to wear polka dots today.. I was just in the mood for it so I pulled out my polkadot set from 고속터미널 as my outfit for today! I loooove clothing where the top and bottom match. I think it's such a simple look, no effort required but you look so put together in the end after you add some accessories ie; my Low Classic Pocket Bag.
I have quite a few sets in my closet and I have been wearing the crap out of all of them.. So sad I cant wear them in the winter :(


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