I went out and bought a new lipstick today - Laura Mercier : Sienna, which is a dark burgundy lip colour from the "Laura Mercier Crème Smooth Lip Color" line! I have it on in the photos but you can't really see it since its quite dark outside... Recently all the hype is about dark lips and a trench coat so I decided to try it out!  I stepped out for a bit in the evening and my sister surprised me with some sparklers she bought at 다이소  for about 2,000 won! We played around with them for about ten minutes until we burnt out the whole packet... Honestly I felt like a magical fairy with a little sparkling wand~ haha Revisiting child-hood memories are always a fun thing to do! :) 

So.. I haven't been writing on my blog lately because my life isn't all that interesting.. I'm writing this blog post during P.E. class since I can't exactly exercise due to my little foot injury.. I wish the Korean doctors didn't wrap it up in a gauze.. I feel so restricted and I feel like I'm missing out on a lot.. but I have to admit it hurts a weensey bit when I walk around.. but I'm too scared to get crutches.. Thankfully it was a really small injury so I can get everything off this Wednesday! I have a cross country meet on Saturday.... but I don't know if I can run because I haven't trained in so long.. To be honest, I didn't run at all during Chusok Break, and then I hurt my foot right away so if you total it up.. It will be equivalent to not running for two weeks... which is a LOT of inactivity... so I'm kind of scared I'll be really behind..

I've been on tumblr a lot these days, so it would be wonderful if you could check them out! 
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