The Month of May

Hey guys! How have all of you been doing? First of all, I'm incredibly sorry for the lack of updates. Final exams are coming up soon and I've been terribly busy so please excuse the inactivity for a little longer! I promise I'll get back to updating frequently once school comes to an end! You're all in for a treat because I have exciting plans for my summer vacation-- which includes going to Paris, meeting up with Zoe from FashionAnonymous and attending more events!  I have a string of exciting interviews and street style shoots ready for you guys so stay in tune for some awesome blog posts!

Zara Bermuda shorts, top and silver oxfords. Socks from Room 103/ VVe

My absolute favorite - Apple walnut salad with Ricotta cheese! 

Green juices seem to be the trend these days! 

Lunch with my Dad at Cafe Able in Garosugil!

The weather has been really nice lately here in Seoul so I found myself out in my patio/garden area a lot this month! The furniture was installed just a few weeks ago so I took the initiative to sit outside and get some good old vitamin D in my system while working on homework. I like to come out here as soon as I get back from school so I fix myself a light snack which usually consists of avocado bread, yogurt with berries and nuts and a fruit smoothie. 

Troika - Persistent Illusions
I visited Troika's exhibition at Daelim Museum with my friend Andy this month and I found it extremely fascinating how the three artists incorporated math and engineering into their artwork. I put a few pictures of my favorite installations above so hopefully they inspire you to go check out the exhibition for yourself. I believe they're keeping it up till October so you have plenty of time to go see it if you're interested! I definitely recommend it to anybody regardless if they're interested in art or not because it's more fun than anything else! (Ps. This was my first attempt in making a gif. I hope it wasn't a complete failure.)

After the exhibition, I walked over to the Sewol Memorial set up near City Hall. (시청역 5 번 출구) I felt like it was part of my duty as a Korean to pay respect to the ones lost. I've been meaning to visit for a while and I'm glad that I did it. I still feel somewhat ashamed that I wasn't able to do anything to make a greater change but I send my sincerest condolences to the families affected by the tragedy and I really do pray that the children and other victims are in a better place. The world has suffered a great loss but the Lord has now gained 292 beautiful angels. Rest in peace.

Now here's the big highlight of the month! I was lucky enough to attend the KINFOLK Gathering held by Artment Dep two weeks ago. It was a great experience and I had a wonderful time getting to know everybody there. I was quite surprised and honored when they told me that I was one of their most anticipated guests of the evening. Also, the fact that some people there actually KNEW made me feel very happy. Nowadays, I feel like my blog is actually getting somewhere and I'm very proud of myself and everything I've done to get to this point. Thank you all so much! None of this would have happened without you guys! I love you all very much! 

Top: A-Land, Shorts: Zara, Bracelet: Monday Edition, Bag: Givenchy Pandora Mini

I had my own name placard!!! How cool is that!

This was my first time having Couscous and I fell in love with it! Who knew something as simple as this would taste so good!

The overall environment of the gathering was very warm and cheerful. The people there were incredibly kind and I had wonderful conversations with them. I met a lot of people with interesting careers - ranging from jewelry designers, graphic designers, restaurant owners, and more. I'm really looking forward to the next gathering to get to know even more people!

 A big thanks to Artment Dep for organizing this event and to my lovely father for accompanying me! 

Here are a few photographs from what could have been the best home-cooked meal my dad has ever created. He's very into gourmet cooking and I have to say, this dinner couldn't be beat by anything he's made in the past. This was probably the best thing that went into my mouth after the food from the Kinfolk Gathering. Thanks so much Dad!

My outfit for the Culture Market at Publican Bites last Saturday!

Top and Skirt: Zara , Sneakers: Nike Air Max (Bought at flea market), Bracelet: Monday Edition, Rings: Autor Du Monde Korea

On Saturday, I went to the Culture Market held at Publican Bites! A lot of my favorite brands were selling their items at a discounted price so I decided to take a look. I didn't end up buying anything besides a peony and a drink but I'm glad I went!  I met a lot of great people and it's always great to get some fresh air on the weekends! 

Monday Edition

Izola Korea

Caron Caron + Leo the ginormous dog!

In picture: Publican Bites Mint Drink, Caron Caron Macaroon, Monday Edition charm bracelet and Kimma Daily Bloom: Peony

Lastly, I really hope you guys could check out Zhang Young Ho's calligraphy! He made this phone case for me and if you go to his website, Instagram or if you contact him by Kakao Talk, you can get your very own personalized phone case, notebook, mug, etc. It's a great idea if you want to get a personalized gift for your girlfriend, friends or parents! You can get anything you want drawn and imprinted on the back of different items in beautiful calligraphy for a reasonable price so definitely check it out!
Zhang Young Ho Calligraphy
Instagram: @zhangyoungho
Kakao Talk ID: @zhang05

98년부터 292513 =STORM  MF MLB COAX EXR POLHAM LG FASHION 제일모직등 국내 유수의 패션브랜드에서 VMD로 근무했던 저는

세련된 패션비지니스의 장점을살려 켈리그래퍼로 전향하였습니다

클로에 샤넬 리모와 현대카드 장기하와얼굴들 백지수표프로젝트 쇼케이스 켈리그래피이벤트 란스미어 세꼰도삐아또 커스텀멜로우 마인드앤카인드 비이커 롯데닷컴 롯데삼강 스코니등의 기업들의 사은행사등으로 친숙하고 감성적인 회사의 마케팅활동에 참여하여 큰 반향과 호응을 일으키고있습니다

패이스북과 신사동가로수길에서 감성넘치는 저만의 손글씨로 여러분이원하는 글을 핸드메이드노트에 직접 써서 판매 혹은 각종 브랜드의 여러이벤트에서 고객분들의 이름이나 문구 글씨써비스하는 일과
프리랜서 매장오픈vmd작업을 함께하고 있습니다!

 Thank you so much for bearing with me through this lengthy post but hopefully you had fun looking at what I did over this month! I'll be updating a lot more frequently once my summer vacation begins so look forward to some exciting posts!

- Jina xx

Ps. Shoutout to my friend Saejin



  1. OMGG i love zoee say hi to her for me :)

  2. The long blue skirt looks great on you!
    And those alluring food photos...

    With love,

    The Inkberry | http://theinkberry.com

  3. Wow! Love the whole post! Great photos. What camera do you use? And that shirt is so pretty x


    1. Thank you!!! :) <3
      I use the Samsung Smart Camera NX2000!!!

  4. Your summer sounds like it's going to be pretty amazing :) If you ever stop by Boston on the east coast tell me I'd love to meet you!

    anyway, would you like to follow each other on gfc/bloglovin and instagram?



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