Barley and Me

Barley and Me 
A short series of photos shot by Christine Hong and Anne Lee

Top: A-Land
Jeans: POP Boutique

Ps. The main purpose of our trip to Hangang was to have this lovely picnic! Most of the food (besides the bread in the left hand corner) were all home-made! (Or made on the spot by Chef Jina)
If you want to know what ingredients were used, just comment below! That's all for today.. so

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  1. yes please I would love to know the ingredients

    1. Yogurt: Blueberries, honey, sunflower seeds and chia seeds
      Guacamole: Avocado, salt, pepper, lime juice

      As for the Apple Crumble, I'm not quite sure because my friend's mom made it. Hope this helped!


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