Jina's Daily Night Routine!

First of all, I brush my teeth and use the tongue-scraping device to remove all those icky things that may be on your tongue! To all the people out there battling bad breath, get this tongue scraper, it helps a lot with hygiene! I really recommend it! It's better for your teeth as well, if your tongue is clean! :)

Sometimes I take showers at night, and sometimes I take them in the morning when I get up. In this case, if I shower at night, while my hair is wet, I spray the "Healthy Sexy Hair" Soy-Tri-Wheat Leave In Conditioner and I sit around a bit doing homework or I surf the web. After my hair air-dries a bit, I go to use the hairdryer! (I only use the dryer for night time showers) Before I do that, I spray the "Tre Semmé Heat Protectant"to minimize the damage the blow dryer does to my hair. After that, I apply a pea-size amount of the "Moroccan Oil" to the dry end bits of my hair! (Sometimes I have no time to do anything so I just sleep.... hehe)

Just recently, (four days ago to be exact) I went to a consulting at a new dermatologist! The skin care I was using before didn't fit my skin very well, leaving it extremely dry, oily and more prone to acne. That is why my mom took me to this new place called "Jeanne Piubert" near my house to treat me to some new things for my face :) According to my mother, my hormonal unbalance(?) is over so I can use proper "lady" products now! To those who were wondering, I used Kiehl's + Dermatologist recommended products from my old skin care place called 은피부과. Now I go to treatments at Jeanne Pieubert once/twice a week and I'm seeing that its making a huge difference on my skin tone! :) My skin looks a lot healthier and glowy now! I think beautiful skin is a key factor in anybody's appearance, so I am paying a LOT of attention to it because I really want to have pretty skin :c ( I definitely have WAYS to go...) Anyways, here are the steps of my nightly skin care! Hang in there, it's quite long!

1. First I wash my face with the white milky cleanser
2. Then I apply dots of this gel cleanser on my face and wash with the little brush that came with it! :) 

3. I apply skin toner!
4. I apply my night facial cream!

Something really really cool about this night cream is that it's a blue gel... that SPARKLES! it has tiny tiny little glitters in it everywhere! When you apply it, they all disappear somewhere but in the jar it feels like pixie gel or something ahhah x Never fails to make me smile each time i open it! :)

 Once every two to three days, I have to use these products at night.
The first one, to exfoliate my skin to clear the pores, and the second one to the right, as a mask.

After I finish up with the skin care, I put on the "Body Shop's Mango Body Butter."
It smells HEAVENLY but it also moisturizes extremely well. I recommend this lotion right after the shower, or before bed, but not in the morning because it has a thick consistency that needs to soak in your skin, so applying it during the day can make you feel sticky.

Right before I turn out the lights, I get a cup of cold water to drink before I go to bed.
Then I apply some of the "Rosebud Salve" lip balm onto my lips for moisturizing! (As my lips crack very often and are super dry)
After that, I apply Lush's cuticle cream "Lemony Flutter" on my nail beds and sometimes some dry skin anywhere else on my body. Lastly, I apply a generous amount of hand cream! :) 

You might ask, why do you do so many things before you sleep?
Well.. like I said, I really would like to have good skin now, and in the future so I try really hard to make it healthy! My mom also inspires me to do these things as well! My mom is almost 50 years old and there isn't a wrinkle in SIGHT on her face, neck, body, etc. She started doing all these things from a very young age, so it resulted in beautiful skin in the future so I thought might as well start young too~ haha I'm sure nobody made it this far but it feels good to be back! Thank you for reading my blog, love you guys! x

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