A Stroll In The Park

A Stroll in the Park
Styling/Make-up/Directing/Photography: Jina Han
Model: Simone Lowther


You've successfully made it to the end of this blog post!
I worked really hard to get everything prepared for this so I hope you enjoyed it!

Special thanks to Simone Lowther for modeling! 

There will a PART TWO of this adventure next week where you'll be able to see my friend Daniel Lees's amazing film photography, so stay in tune! It's not over yet! :-)

Look #1: 
Grey Turtleneck, Skirt, Socks: Indi Brand
Chanel Bag: Mom
Shoes: Simone's own

Look #2:
Tweed Skirt: Indi Brand
Cream Cable Knit Top: Gosuk Terminal (고속터미널)
Furry Vest: Mom
Pointe Shoes: Simone's own

Tassel Earrings & Tassel Chain Bracelet: The Gobo
Park Store Jeju

*Reike Nen Sneakers

Look #3:
Grey Top & Culottes: The Growing
Viatory "My Face" Collection Rings
Studio de Salt Grey Beret 
Shoes: Gosuk Terminal (고속터미널)

Thank you so much to all the brands for lending me these items to shoot! :-)
If you are interested in purchasing anything, click on the links provided above!

Thank you so much for reading!
-Jina Han


  1. The photography and setting is amazing! Love the outfits and your blog x

  2. These look really good, Jina! Love your eye for style. Wish I could work/collab with you in the future! <3


  3. 모델도 잘 선택하고 지나 솜씨가 너무 좋다~~~~멋져~!!!!

  4. can see you work very hard through your photos! keep up your good work i like all your post! <3


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