The First Day of Summer

Portrait of me drawn by GAHEEZY
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It is now officially summer break! I spent my first day of vacation by attending two brunches followed by visits to various flea markets. I don't have very much time before summer classes begin so I decided to make the most of my free time by doing as many things I could while the sun was still up.

Flea Markets: 
PARK STORE Flea Market @ Garosu

Skirt: FIFTY SEOUL Flea Market for 10,000 won ($10)
Bought from Soorin~! (@soorin)
T-shirt and Purse: GIVENCHY 

Nike Sneakers: FIFTY SEOUL Flea Market for 10,000 won (10$)
* I can't believe they were so cheap!*

Rings (from left to right) 
The Gobo, Monday Edition, Autor Du Monde, 

Bracelets (top to bottom)
Demande De Mutation
Street Shop 

Here are a set of photos of a woman I met at the Park Store flea market! She runs a clothing store called "13 Month" - a popular brand amongst young Korean fashionistas. I bought a shirt from the 13 Month 14 SS line that I will be styling for you shortly! Check out their site for more information/ a look book!

13 Month

Park Store Flea Market

Here are some of my purchases/ gifts from the Park Store flea market!

13 Month:
High Over White T-shirt

Studio de SALT:
Two Candles 

Monday Edition:
Initial Ring 'J'
*Monday Edition Sample Sale 

Park Store:
Free Drink!

*Kind of a gift (It's a long story)

Anyway, that wraps up today's post! I will be updating my blog more frequently simply because
IT'S SUMMER! I'm planning to do a post about how I style my jewelry (rings in particular) next, so stay in tune for that! If there are any other things you want to see, please leave your ideas in the comments below! 

Thanks for reading!
All photos of me are by Joseph Choi

Instagram: @jinaehan


  1. I love your photography! I wish sg had more markets :-)

    1. Thank you!!! :) I hope there are markets there in the future! They're the absolute best!

  2. I love your blog! You're really cool, and have AMAZING style. I'm turning 15 in a month and hope I can be as awesome as you are :)


    1. Thank you so much!! :) Happy early birthday! x

  3. Your blogs and everything really inspired me so much! Keep it up babe!

    endlesshanan.blogspot.com x

  4. hello I adore you and your blog!
    i'm actually going to korea next week and was wondering if you could tell me where these amazing flea markets are located and when they're open xx

    1. Thank you so much!
      I'm sorry but the flea markets are usually just held for a day.. so I usually go when I see a notice :/

  5. 쎄씨 디지털에서 인터뷰 보고 블로그 보게되었는데 너무 멋있는거 같아요! 저는 패션 에디터를 꿈꾸고 있는데 동갑인데도 저보다 훨씬 어른스럽고 멋지게 사는거 같아요ㅎㅎ 블로그 활동 열심히 해서 정말 세계적으로 유명한 패션블로거가 되길 바래요! 그리고 앞으로도 많은 패션정보 공유 해주세요!


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