Taechon Retreat!

Taechon Retreat Trip! I had so much fun with my friends! I took some photos to document the events that happened there so I hope you enjoy! Some photos are Anastasia's!

My best friend Julia is leaving :( I will miss you so much baby <3 sigh.. i can't believe i just have a few days.. with you and in a matter of weeks you will be gone, and I will probably not see you again for years.. I'll miss you so so so much you don't even understand how sad I am.. you are one of the greatest friends I've ever had and I will never ever ever forget you. Never stop being beautiful, and continue reading them books and I will ALWAYS chat you and tumblr ask you so don't forget about me too <3 I love you so much girl <3 

Kasey Ana Jina Chloe Lee = the best people you shall meet kk

Kasey and I : Our fail jump shot... sigh..

I love this shot so much, I really do.

The beautiful Ana <3

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